Silverware Storage Solutions

I keep most of my silverware out on top of the island. It used to be in the drawer next to the sink but it was so inconvenient. I would be standing in that spot cooking or chopping and someone was always saying "um...excuse me...can I get a spoon?" and I would have to move. Somewhere I remember seeing a photo of a kitchen where they had their silverware out, all jumbled up in a container on their island and that was it...I kicked my silverware out of the drawer and put it out where everyone could grab it without constantly interrupting me.

So I used a wooden tote that hubby had made for me years ago. I painted it black and then printed off a label that I found on the Graphics Fairy and decoupaged it.

And now it sits out in the open where it's easy to grab what you need. Inside of the tote I just used some old, mismatched mugs that I use to separate the forks and spoons, etc.

I just leave it on the end of the island. It has been especially handy when we have lots of guests or children hanging out in the kitchen.

Come to think of it, I think the photo that got me started with the idea was in the book Maine Living by Carol Bass. It is one of my frequent check-outs from the local library.

I'll share this post with My Romantic Home's Show and Tell Friday

because I am always there checking out other bloggers great ideas.



Sunny Simple Life said...

This is such a great idea! Our
silverware drawer is always hanging open.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Wonderful idea and it came out beautifully!!!TFS.Came over from the GF.
XO Marie


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