A Birthday!

No, not my birthday. Today is my hardworking hubby's birthday. :-)

He almost never reads my blog and its pretty much a sure thing that he won't today so I can safely say what we got for him without being found out:

A hammock.
It's a very nice hammock and he has always loved hammocks. We used to have one between two trees but one of the trees had to be taken out when we made our parking-lot-of-a-driveway wider. (Seriously, having several children close together is wonderful but then they get older and all start driving and buying cars and now just having everyone home at once looks like a party....)

Anyway, about the hammock, it is quite nice and luxurious looking with a soft, woven basketweave look to it and it comes with a large pillow. And it's red, which made it seem all the more like the perfect choice.

It's like this...only red...
Hopefully, he will enjoy it. He is one of those people who is happiest when he is busy but he also get worn out and sore from all of his hard work so maybe it will work out.

All we need now is an end to this cold and rainy weather!

I'm off to bake a cake :-)

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Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Happy belated Birthday to your hubby! What a wonderful present...I bet he loved it. We had a hammock with a frame like yours when I was a kid (60's) and I loved it. I hope you all get some nice nap time on it.
Maura :)


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