A Big Thank You !!!

A big Thank you to Cozy Little House for featuring my blog in her Welcome Wagon Friday this week.

I am a huge fan of her blog. Huge. Like checking it, oh I don't know, pretty much EVERY day. If I have a minute to browse blogs online, I check her blog. I have pinned photos from her blog on my Pinterest account under the folder name "Blogs I Stalk". Seriously.

I have dragged family members over to the computer to view some of her photos. You have to picture me showing my boys, who do most of the unloading of our dishwasher, photos of her kitchen and saying "Look at how tidy that is! She has her cups so organized!" Of course, the boys just give me that blank stare in return. And then they go back to putting the cups...wherever. ((sigh))

I call my daughters over to see her cute arrangements of plates.
At least the girls give me a little reaction here and there. They say "how cute". But when I bought some primary colored plates and cups recently the girls teased me with remarks like "are you going all Cozy-Little-House house now?"

So I checked the Cozy blog yesterday and scrolled down and actually thought for a half second, "hmm...that glider looks like mine....hmm" and kept scrolling...

How clueless am I?!

So I finally realized that
my little country bungalow blog was on my favorite blog and O-MY-GOODNESS!!!

Then of course, I had to alert my entire family of the news. That was fun. Their reactions were the best part. They are happy that I am happy but for the most part, no one has any idea of what I'm talking about. ;-)

So a big thank you to Brenda at Cozy Little House. I enjoy your words and photos very much. I love all of the color that you photograph so well. Love the little dogs too.

xoxo ~ cathy

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Cindy said...

Cathy, I have to laugh, I do the same thing with Cozy Little House (and others)! My husband just nods and smiles. I actually bought some of the red/blue dishes and teapots that Brenda has!

Anyway, congrats for being on her WW post. I was a few months ago and had to tell everyone. I thought I'd hit the big time!


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