What's Going On This Week...

I have a rose bush in front of the milk house that has suffered from neglect and was getting pretty angry I think. It's a climbing rose and I planted it with every intention of giving it something to climb on but I hadn't gotten around to it yet. So every time someone came in or out of the milk house door, the rose was grabbing and scratching everyone with it's long, thorny branches.

I asked handy hubby to build me a simple arbor. Of course, neither he nor I want to spend any money on the little project, so he did what he has done for me before; he went out to the back of the land and cut down a small locust tree (naturally rot-resistant) and made some posts for me and made a top out some scrap lumber in the barn. He will put some pieces across the top later but in the mean time I tied up the angry rose bush to the poles and am trying to train it to behave itself and grow up and over the arbor like a good rose should. We'll see how it goes.

Inside the milk house the little chicks are doing well. They live in an old watering tank until they are big enough to go out and live in movable pens in the pasture.
The new piglets arrived this week and they were quick to introduce themselves to the curious steers.

The pastures look so lush and full. Don't you just love May grass?

Then, of course, there's Elsa, who went on a walk with the kids and headed directly into the swamp where she found the blackest mud to cover herself with. She looked positively gray when she got done. Yuck. She can be so disgusting.

I have been working on making the front porch comfortable now that it is warm enough to sit out there. I have been arranging and doing just a little bit of sewing to pretty the place up. I'll post more on that when I finish.

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Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

You sure do have a beautiful farm and home! I have enjoyed the photos of your yard and home so much!


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