Something Old Made New

Our house and barns came with a lot of "junk" when we bought the place. Much of it was truly junk and we either sold it or threw it out. But sometimes a piece was hard to get rid of because even in it's rough state, it still had charm.
That was the case with this work table. It was in really rough shape and we are trying to de-junk our basement so one of the boys worked on it a bit to make it usable and I painted and stained it. The whole thing was falling apart, boards lifting off and it was missing some drawers but I figured we could use it on the porch to set things on when we were out there during the summer months. I am always reading out there and I need a place to stack my library books and the tray of lemonades and iced teas.
So here is how it looks now, out on the front porch.

I went with blue instead of green because a.) I already had the blue paint and b.) because I think it compliments my red door and the house' brown trim and c.) I like color! I thought I'd maybe glaze it or something but eh, I didn't bother yet. Chances are I will repaint it again eventually. You never know.

I am linking this post with My Romantic Home's Show and Tell Friday. I love browsing those links. So many great ideas!


Rebecca said...

Absolutely CHARMING! (I hope you didn't throw out anything with similar possibilities!!!)

Stephanie said...

Wow! That turned out great. I need to go out to the shed and look around with a "new eye" never know! Thanks for sharing.


Picket said...

Ohhhh love that piece...I bet you found lots of treasures in that barn! Hope you have a great weekend....Picket

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Oh, a WONDERFUL find! I love it, and the color is perfect for your front porch. I would love to sit with you and sip on a lemonade...ahhh!


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