Small Problems....Who Owns the Glider?

I am still sprucing up the front porch, slowly, and I have a small dilemma with what to do with the furnishings.

First off, I am so grateful to have finally been given the porch glider that I grew up with. My sister, who had previously laid claims to the family glider (because she will actually lay around on it more than I ever will...seriously, how does one sleep like that during the day?) has decided she doesn't need it after all and so, the glider was offered to me. Yay!

Now I have high hopes of building a small screened-in porch on the back of the house some day and I have visions of just how the glider will fit in, but for now, it will live on my front porch.

The cushions need to be recovered because the current denim and ticking covers are very bleached out and faded; and I can do that because sewing something like that wouldn't be too difficult, but I don't want to yet because dogs.
The front porch is open and even though my big dogs have little taj mahals for doghouses, they will never ever turn down an opportunity to lay on anything that resembles a sofa.

So I bought a simple, inexpensive, fake-patchwork quilt from Walmart with the idea that if the dogs slipped up onto the glider one night I could simply throw the blanket in the wash.

Yeah...right. At this rate that will have to be every. single. day.

Those dogs are watching my every move and just waiting for me to leave them alone with that comfortable looking piece of furniture. For instance, the other night, we're all watching a movie in the living room, right inside the door from the porch, I yelled "pause the movie!" while I jumped up to check on my front porch. All I heard was the squeak-squeak-squeak of the rocking glider as the offending dog snuck away.

Hmm. What to do...what to do....

Maybe some of you out there wouldn't mind having your dogs lay down on your sofa or your couch or the glider-that-you-have-been-waiting-forever-to-get-your-hands-on, but I have dogs who sometimes get themselves looking like this:

And there is no way she or the other two are laying on anything that I am going to be sitting on. (And if the mud isn't enough, she is young and is still in the process of getting the idea that skunks will spray you if you chase them...) So I must win this battle of who-owns-the-glider.


Right now, the glider is blocked by chairs. Seriously. There are patio chairs sitting on top of the glider. How cute.

Hubby has offered to build a gate to block the porch off at the top of the steps; a good idea but a complicated one because our porch is stone and anchoring the gate will be tricky.

I can't (and don't want to) lock the dogs up because they do a job at night of protecting our livestock from sneaky raccoons and smelly skunks and even coyotes. When they aren't snoozing on the furniture, that is.

So in the mean time...I block access with other furniture...which I am hoping is not a long-term solution.

Ideas are welcome...
I'll keep you posted.

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Rebecca said...

I think this calls for an early start on the screened-in porch!


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