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We have a lot of pets that we live with. Too many perhaps, but they all seem to fit and get along. We currently have 5 dogs and 3 cats. Those are the animals that come in or live inside full time.

Now 5 dogs sounds like a ridiculous amount but it doesn't seem like that many when you live with them. Two of the dogs are chihauhaus, so really, together they are like half of a dog.

Why so many dogs? Well, first, we live on a farm and I have always liked having 2 large dogs that roam around the farm. It is hard to protect your livestock and chickens especially, without a dog. And we have always felt that they do better in pairs around here.

The top dog around here now is Bruno, who was brought home from the Humane Society. He was taking forever to get adopted there and when we described what we wanted in a dog, he was believed to be a perfect fit. At the time our two old farm dogs were quite elderly, and had pretty much retired, and I needed a new younger dog to make the rounds (as anyone who has chickens can attest to; raccoons always know when your dogs are off-duty).

This picture was early on, back in the thinner days.

Bruno was very easy going and adapted well and is by far our most affectionate dog. He is a living example of my philosophy about dogs...that an adopted older pet or even a stray makes for a life-long friend. It's like they are forever grateful and don't want to leave your side. They've been "out there" and have no interest in going back.

Bruno's biggest flaws are that he
a.) loves us, mostly me, too much. He would rather be wherever I am then patrol. He's a big baby about being left alone. I didn't believe it but my mother, who lives across the road, told us that he cries on Sunday mornings when we leave for church. Well, I was sick one Sunday and after the car pulled away I heard this mournful howl coming from the top of the driveway. Just the saddest sound. I got out of bed, went to the window, and said "hey! I'm still here!" and then he was fine.
b.) he hates other visiting dogs. This has not worked out well with our oldest son's golden retriever who was brought out a couple of times. Bummer.
and c.) he chases barn cats. But everyone does.

But he is a very loving dog and he's patient with Elsa, who is very young and annoying at times.

Here he is during the family Easter picture last year, tolerating a 6-month-old Elsa

He is obedient and knows some tricks. He doesn't wander. He loves car rides (especially trucks) and doesn't get carsick (unlike Elsa...ugh) He's very photogenic; he loves the camera.

And he howls! He's the first we've ever had that did that. He gets the other two big dogs howling too. It's the funniest thing. Sometimes they here the coyotes howling in the distance and that's it...they're off and rolling.

"Shake hands Bruno!"

I'm linking up with Verde Farm's Farmgirl Friday where lots of folks share some great farm photos. Check them out. :-)


va_grown said...

So sweet...I miss our dogs. I can't believe we're dog-less at the moment. A farm without a dog is don't even know.

I got a good laugh about your Chihuahuas' making half a dog! :)

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

He's a beautiful dog, so glad you found him:@)

MamaMonki said...

Bruno is a handsome dog. Sounds like he has some of the quirks our city dog has. Our Beastie dog hates being left alone too - doesn't even like being outside by himself. He's a shelter dog too.

Sunny Simple Life said...

He sounds like a great dog. We have one big mutt from the pound who I swear is ADHD. Not kidding she has baffled several trainers. That movie life with Marley is us. SO I never watched the movie cause I live it everyday. She is a good watch dog and sweet with all the kids. Important in my book. We have a little Chi too who hates everyone but us but she is my baby so we just warn everyone about her. Dogs are just like members of our families aren't they?


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