More on Mother's Day...

I thought I'd share a couple of photos that I had forgotten that I'd taken on Mother's day. I came downstairs to find my table full of gifts from my generous hubby & kids.

They gave me some lovely chocolates which I did share with everyone. Mmmm....

And I got a new little bucket thingie so I can lug around my garden tools with ease. Plus inside there were some new gloves because I really do not like working without gloves in the dirt. Wimpy? Probably.
They also gave me some more of those little glass storage/reheatable containers that I blogged about before. I really like these things. I had bought some larger ones and now they gave me the smaller versions which are great. And I got two lovely little hanging baskets too.
And they gave me some lovely cards. The one in the front on the left was made by my daughter with a paper "quilt" on the front. She's so crafty!

They also gave me a candle holder and some wonderfully scented candles.

I am blessed to have such a generous family! These little gifts are just what I wanted. They also made a great dinner and made the whole house look spectacular.

I am very blessed indeed.

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Linda said...

What thoughtful gifts...Lindor Truffles are my favorites! Thanks for your sweet compliment about my entryway post!


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