I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's day. The kids gave me some wonderful gifts and hilarious homemade cards (my favorite) and my handy hubby spent the weekend powerwashing, repairing windows and then re-painting the milkhouse. Barn Red. It looks great. Then, since he had the airless sprayer out, he painted some other things for me. It was one of those do-you-want-anything-else-painted? moments and I went around collecting things that would look good that color. A table, some chairs, the porch swing, ..etc.

I am thrilled that the weather has finally warmed up and I am spending some more time outside. I am working on decorating the porch and for the last couple of days I have been spray-painting the Little Tykes playhouse. It was quite old and faded but still in good condition so I am trying out that Krylon Fusion for-plastic spray-paint. We'll see how that goes....

For now I am just grateful to be able to hang laundry on the line and putter around in the yard.

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