Kitchens I Love

I have saved photos of kitchens that I love. They have a lot in common. Almost all of them have beams. Lots of open storage. And some great stoves. And charm!

I like kitchens that look comfortable and reasonable. You know, a kitchen that looks like people would enjoy being in it and it didn't cost a quarter of a million dollars. I like kitchens that have charm and say something about the owner's preferences. I like seeing cookbooks, because, you know, it's a room about cooking.

All of these photos except for the last one are from
I am not a purple person but the island is awesome. And I love the butcher block top. I am trying to convince dear Hubby that our island needs a top like this one but so far, he's not buying it.
This one has a jumbled up hanging rack with no order at all to it...just like mine!
Stove love.
Simple. One of my favorites.
Serious stove love.
And I love this last one. Small but so charming. And colorful. Love it.

thistinyhouse.comI love sinks with skirts, copper pots, color, wood floors, and most of all, warmth. The kind of place where you'd cook up a nice stew. And some biscuits. And maybe a pie. And some bread.

I think I'll go and bake.


Cindy said...

I love the one with the white cabinets and geraniums in the window. Kitchen-envy?

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Oh, I can completely see why you love every single one of these drool-worthy kitchens. They look completely lush! And so clean and tidy too!!


Inspire Me Heather said...

Hello! What lovely inspiring kitchens - very nice!


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