Today is the day we have to go and pick up our chicks. We ordered 60. They are the heavy breed to be raised for meat. They will grow fast and eat a ton! We raise them every year. We call them the broilers.

The rest of our birds, who reside in the Hennabago, are the layers. They live year to year, producing eggs for us and if they're sneaky enough and go off and hide their nest, they produce baby chicks too. When we get too many chickens we just sell them off or trade with the neighbor.

Most of the pictures of chickens that we take are of the the layers. They have "personality". The broilers do not. The broilers are pretty much just eating machines. They layers, on the other hand, are funny and sly and add humor to the farm. Many of our favorite farm stories over the years involve the clever chickens.

The layers spend their days foraging and digging and hiding from the occasional hawk. They get grounded to their chicken run if they start hanging around up by the house; but it's usually not a problem since they aren't interesting in crossing paths with the dogs who doze on the back step.

Such a determined look.

Chickens can be such pests. But the goats seem to tolerate them.

Spring is nesting season in the barn. Sometimes Emma finds a hen who is nesting and puts her in a cage so that she will be safe from predators.

I always love the little black hens.


Cindy said...

They picture of the chicken on the goat is great! We don't let our chickens out unless we are there to see they don't get into trouble. Last week, we weren't watching and they ate up a group of hostas that I had just transplanted!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

All those baby fun! I used to have chickens, but only 4-6 at a time. You are right they can be zany and fun to watch. I really enjoyed this post, I wish I could live out in the country on a little farm. Thank you for visiting me. Have a great day!

Picket said...

Oh my word you know I love seeing your chickens!!! Youngest Burly got one day old baby chicks (I call them little doodies)yesterday and we drove up there and I carried one around the whole time I was there...I was squalling like a baby when we left...I have always loved chickens and have raised two from a baby as pets that just followed me around in the yard....I love to hear a mama hen softly chuckling to her chicks and then seeing them run to hide under her for cover...ohhhh one day I shall have chickens again! I love the goat too...I raised one of those from a baby and she'd lay on the front porch like a dog! lol Have a great day sweetie....Picket


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