My Dining Room

My dining room, in classic bungalow fashion, is a small room. We very rarely eat there because the table is small and only comfortably seats 4 or maybe 6 if you bring in extra chairs and feel like getting cozy. Would I love to eat in the dining room? Yes, and sometimes we do when there are only a few of us at home. But mostly, at this time, the dining room is sort of a pass through room where I store the china and the kids play the piano.

The room is rather dark because it used to have two doorways on the south side; one to the kitchen and one too the porch, but with the large kitchen addition, the door to the porch was removed and the piano is there now. As usual, the piano is a spot where I display lots of family pictures.

I have come to the conclusion that my style is definitely far from trendy, as far as today's blogs go, but I can live with that. I think one could call my decorating style sort of a grandmotherly look. It's probably because we, as homeschoolers, have always visited lots of museums and I always liked what I saw. One of my boys always likes the antique look and he was rather scandalized when I bought parsons chairs for the dining room table! But I wanted to be able to change the look seasonally with slipcovers and well, they are softer to sit on!

I recently made some new drapery panels for the windows that already have lace panels hanging there. The 3 windows themselves are the very last windows in the whole house that need to be replaced (they are all-aluminum and awful with these roll-up screens that rip and don't work...yuk) and I want to keep them covered. I loved the fabric and took a chance that it wouldn't look bad with the wallpaper.

The what-were-they-thinking windows...
There is only one spot in the room with any wall space and I am constantly changing what I have hung there. For the moment I hung some transferware.

The stairway is in the dining room and has a door, which was off in this photo because Handy Hubby was refinishing it. Try to ignore our older cat in the picture, with his goofy little stalker, my bird.
And that is pretty much it for the dining room. :-)

I am linking this post to Wow Us Wednesdays at Savvy Southern Style. So many great things to see there!


Donna said...

Cathy, no way!! Your bird and your kitty get along? I cannot believe both of them sitting on the bottom bannisters. You should submit that photo in a pet contest SOMEWHERE!

As always, I just love your home and all the little details that make it so very special! Your curtain panels and the wallpaper look fantastic together! And I love all the religious artwork and statues that you have throughout your home.

I'm glad your kids enjoy our crazy Baby cat! haha I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Our Country Bungalow said...

Thank you! You are so kind!

And everyone gets along with Cha; he is the quiet ruler of the pets.

The bird totally stalks my cats, but the main object of his affection is the brown cat, Josephine. He hates being separated from her. Luckily for us, she is pretty much a lay-around-all-the-time kind of cat. And the goofy bird is content with that arrangement.

Rebecca said...

Personally, I like the floral curtains with the plaid wallpaper! I have a hard time knowing what to call MY decorating style, too. It is not unlike yours! Our dining room is a little like yours--library/music/and seldom dining room...


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