The Master Bedroom

Today, a longer post and a little tour of the master bedroom.

I am posting today some photos of our master bedroom. It is a large room divided into two parts. One half is bed area and the other half, for now, is my sewing and crafting area.

For now, this is the bedroom wall arrangement. The C.B. Chambers IHM print in the center was given to me by a Felician sister.

I have family photographs all over the place in our home.

I rearranged the room this year and divided it with a curtain in the middle. I didn't want to see clutter when entering the bedroom and I don't like going to bed in a room with sewing or painting projects all over the place. I chose to do a curtain because I am sure in the future I will move sewing and crafting into one of the other bedrooms as the kids move on (but not soon, I hope!) and I don't want to permanently change the size of the room. Plus, with a fabric curtain I could have some flexibility for little cost. The ceiling, for instance, has knee walls and is sloped in half of the room because this part of the house extends out like a giant dormer. So arranging furniture is tricky.

Also, I tend to change things all of the time. I just did the division of the room and took pictures a couple of months ago and I have already changed several small things since then. So putting tons of effort (and money!) into building walls at this time isn't wise for us.

So for now, it is a nice little space that is quiet and out-of-the-way. I have a table that I can work at and the kids bring their books and work with me.
I spend a lot of time in the sewing area because it is sort of a home office for me as well. There is a small couch and the kids hang out here too. And there is always a black Labrador under the table.

A corner next to the sofa...
The other end of the sofa and a glimpse of the back side of the divider curtain which I lined with a sheer gold fabric.
The table where we craft new things. The bulletin board above was the usual plain brown kind, but I decoupaged a piece of fabric over it to make it nicer to look at.
The view from the room is one that I posted last week. It overlooks the barn and barnyard so we can see, hear, (and occasionally yell at) the goats throughout the day.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


Linda said...

Thanks for sharing. It is beautiful!

Donna said...

I LOVE your bedroom/craft room (and the framed picture over your bed!!). You have done an incredible job separating the two areas with the curtain. It's funny, my next post is going to be about our bedroom (which is not nearly as large or as nice as yours! haha) I was just taking photos in there today!

Alright, I am in love with your goats and your sheep. Those goats playing on the slide/playground are just too cute for words!

Thanks so much for sharing!!... Donna

Donna said...
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Picket said...

Morning that cozy little nook! I especially love that you have a view of the barn and get to see the snimals...ohhhh your baby gosts in the other post!!!! Girl if I got to visit you...I'd be crying and squealing and begging you to let me hold those baby goats!! I had one years ago and I LOVED HER!!!! She followed me everywhere and would even get in the old station wagon with Bill and the kids to ride up to the dumpsters to take the garbage off..she would get up in the porch swing with me and when the kids got off the school bus she would run and meet them..she was the sweetest pet I ever had..ohhhh where is my hankie!!!! Thanks so much for coming by sweetie and thanks a million for those pics of your baby goats and for reminding me of such a precious memory in my life...have a great weekend girl....Picket

Cindy said...

Your work area looks so cozy and it is neat that your kids come here to study while you work.

Our Country Bungalow said...

Thank you everyone for the kind comments.

Donna, I look forward to seeing your master bedroom photos.

Picket, the baby goats are hilarious and you would love them! In the beginning, we used to have a female goat who would be lonely and she would hang out with the dogs. She would run up and greet visitors and lay around on the front porch on a hot day watching cars go by. We finally had to fence her in and get her a goat companion after I started doing some landscaping and she was just nibbling on everything I put in the ground. Oh the memories our animals leave us with!



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