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Today is another gloomy, rainy spring Saturday that is getting in the way of what I had planned for today; which was painting my kitchen chairs. ((sigh)) Oh well.

So instead I guess I will do a little post about my living room, since I have been playing around with my son's camera and taking pictures all over the place.

My living room is a typical bungalow room -- meaning not very big. Not only is it not big, but it has two windows, the front door, and two large archways to work around. To complicate things further, we heat with wood and one of the stoves takes up a corner of the room.

Oh, and then there is the TV cabinet with the newer TV that takes up another full corner. Needless to say, it makes for tight quarters.

To make things even a teeny bit harder, we all like to watch movies together and well, call us crazy, but we all like to sit on furniture when doing so. So there are still 7 of us living at home and then there are my 2 oldest children, one of whom is married, who come home and hang out and watch the occasional show too. So basically, in a room that is made to comfortably fit a small sofa and maybe a couple of side chars, we are trying to accommodate 10 people in comfort.
We sort of succeed, but it's definitely close.

All we have is seating, mostly. One large brown sofa and my red sectional, who is named Steve. And the butter chair, which is a leather chair with an ottoman that is large and often in the way but we use it all of the time so it stays. Brown sofa is a craigslist item, bought from a grad student who got it for Christmas from his parents and then left school in May and sold it, like new, to me. Cheap. I love it.

Steve is a down filled sectional, who is pretty much way too large for the room, but so comfy. Also craigslist. The quilt behind the Steve probably doesn't "go" with the rest of the decor of the room but I worked on that thing forever, hand-quilting all the little strips, so I am hanging it!

And the "Butter" got its name because when we sat in it the first time, someone said "how does it feel?" and well, it was like, you know...butter. Comfy. Hmm...I forgot to take a picture of Butter....

This is how you live with a larger family in a house with smaller stuff them.

The coffee table is another craigslist item that I paid 5 bucks for and painted.
Here is view of it last summer, when I first finished it. The coffee table is the only table in the room. There isn't room for any end tables.

I like taking the rug out for the summer.

So that's pretty much it for our little living room!


Donna said...

wow, every time I visit your house I see things I LOVE!!!! Like the crosses and the Home sweet Home wall hanging. I think your quilt looks wonderful in that room, and this non-sewer cannot believe that you did it yourself!! Heck yes, I would display that if I had done all that work! Your table turned out beautifully, and your floors are GORGEOUS. It sounds like you have a wonderfully close family and I love that you all watch movies together and enjoy each other's company. That more than makes up for the cramped quarters!! Hope you have a wonderful week and that the weather cooperates so you can get your chairs painted. Looking forward to seeing that project!... Donna

Our Country Bungalow said...

Thank you Donna!
So far the weather isn't looking promising AT ALL for my chairs project! It's snowing so hard I can't see across the fields!!

Oh I am so ready for spring.

arrielle_p said...

My Gosh your living room is looking so fresh. Love the colors you are incorporating in the room. Love those centerpiece that you put too. :)
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