Little Projects...that lead to Other Little Projects

A couple of days ago I splurged and bought some new glass storage containers at Target.

I hate my jumbled up drawer of mismatched rubbermaid containers. I don't reheat leftovers in plastic anyway so I thought getting some new microwavable containers might help me skip the pull-the-leftovers-out-of-fridge-and-dump-into-glass-container-to-reheat step.

So far, so good. The leftover rice casserole stayed in the container in which it was baked and was easily reheated the next day without grabbing extra bowls and filling up the sink with extra dishes. The plastic lids snap on tight too. So these new, bigger containers had to live somewhere and that led to my kicking the bread out of the bread-drawer which led to homeless bread....

So I found my old bread tin in the storage room and spray-painted it with Heirloom White and downloaded a frame from the great Graphics Fairy and printed it with the word Bread and podged it and urethaned it and voila! A home for the homeless bread.

And then I was playing around with photoshop so I thought I could make it look more dramatic. Wow...I mean..look at that. Amazing, right? no...not really.

I need to work on my frosty-edge technique, that's for sure.


Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Wonderful job on your bread box!

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

you did a spectacular job! i don't microwave in plastic either. my husband thinks i am silly though but we are smarter, right?! love your bread tin!!

Rebecca said...

How well I know about one job leading to another. Your bread box turned out BEAUTIFULLY!


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