Kitchen Chairs! - before & after

For a long time now I have been wanting to paint my kitchen chairs. I have a lot of black accents in my kitchen and that is the color I wanted. I have a black fridge and the cookstove is black also. I know it sounds like a lot of black but it's a big room with a lot of wood and I knew it wouldn't be too overpowering.

The chairs have been with us a long time and have seen some serious wear and tear (ask me about the time hubby didn't tie them down while moving a load of our stuff...on the highway! Amazingly, the ones that got dumped only suffered some skid marks...oh I am so thankful I wasn't there!.....)

My best "before" shot, with the chairs in the background. Sorry it is blurry. Try to ignore the cat in the bowl. He's old and likes to be near the warm stove.

My poor old chairs kicked out onto the back step.

I nagged Handy Hubby to let me just spray paint the chairs but he said no, he wanted to use Benjamin Moore with his airless sprayer. So mostly it's been me complaining about the weather not being nice enough yet.

On Easter weekend, Saturday morning was surprisingly warm so while the girls and I went off to the church for the food blessing, the guys did the chairs. Yay! I was so excited! Except the bad news was that the not-too-pretty stackable spare chairs in the basement would have to be used for our Easter dinner.

But it worked out all right. We made do.

Here are some of the chairs in the driveway with their first new coat on...

Here's the sprayer...and I am grateful I didn't have to paint.

I had the barstools for the island done too. They weren't really even the same color as the island anyway. Try to ignore the (same) cat in the foreground, he's old and likes to sit on this stool to watch me cook.

And here's how they look around the table now!!!
I love it!!!

I am linking this post to the Metamorphosis Monday party at Between Naps on the Porch! Go check out some of the amazing transformations!


Picket said...

They turned out fantastic...of course you know I love your choice of color! lol Love that furbaby...let him sit anywhere he likes...have a great week sweetie....Picket

Cindy said...

I love your "new" chairs. They really do look new. I've seen that combination of black and wood in catalogs. And your sweet kitty!

PrimHearted said...

Your chairs look so nice painted black and I have an old cat too. We let him do as he wishes also :)

Diane Mars said...

The chairs look great, good choice~ oxox, Diane

Donna said...

Cathy, they chairs turned out GORGEOUS! And can I tell you that I am in l-o-v-e with Cha??? I just finished saying how much I loved the bannister photo, and here he is sitting in a bowl and peering over the counter! Now THAT cat has personality plus! I think Baby has met her match!
P.S. I love your Easter family photo on your sidebar! ... Donna

Our Country Bungalow said...

Thanks for the kind comments!

And Donna, I am beginning to realize how much Cha lurks in the background of photos that we take. I try to find one without him sometimes and can't. If you look closely, even the set table for Easter has him sitting on his stool at the end of the table. He won't be ignored!

Melanie said...

Love the chairs - they look so pretty! I want to paint our kitchen chairs, but it's such a big job and we don't have an airless sprayer.

Our Country Bungalow said...

Hi Melanie,
I was going to just spray paint the kitchen chairs, or maybe brush them, but hubby pointed out that it was *12 chairs* and it would take me forever and he has the sprayer so why not? But I wouldn't hesitate to paint them if I didn't have the airless. It might have taken longer but who cares. If you want to do yours you should! And take good "before" pictures!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Wow what a difference a coat of paint makes! Or rather a couple of coats. Just beautiful. At first I was way!...but I LOVE the way the chairs turned out. What a huge kitchen you have but then you have a huge family too. Your hubby and sons did a WONDERFUL job on those chairs and you made a great choice.
Maura :)


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