Inspiration for the treehouse

I don't know if any of you have been over to Brambly's blog and seen pictures of Bitty Brambles, but it is adorable. Amazing, really.

Here's a picture of Bitty's interior:

How cute is that!

It got the girls and I thinking that perhaps it is time to give Silvia, our treehouse, a bit of a makeover. Not a big change, but perhaps decorate her a little bit more. Right now she's sort of plain with folding chairs and a futon inside. She's been a hang-out for the kids, as she should be, but the kids are getting older and when I showed the girls the pictures of Bitty Brambles they suggested that we should polish Sylvia up a bit and maybe give her a little bit more charm. We can't quite pull off the romantic setting that Brambly has; as after all, we have boys hanging out in Sylvia too and they might not be too appreciative of our vision (I can just imagine their reaction to little tea sets...ha!). But I think we will be able to maybe "cute her up" a little bit.

We'll definitely get back to this idea later.

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