In My Kitchen

My kitchen is colorful. I love color. I think in photographs it seems brighter than it really is.

I found a new home for the tray I painted last week. Right now it sharing the shelf up above the bay window with some other black and white plates.

My craigslist black cupboard.

My pie safe that I found really beat up in a junk store and dragged home to use on the porch. But Handy Hubby fixed it up so nice that I had to give it a prime spot in the kitchen. It's great and holds tons of cookware.

The center of the table. The small crock holds the everyday napkins. I really need to sew some new ones.


Ashley said...

The pictures do make the yellow look a lot more...well, yellow!

Our Country Bungalow said...

I know! It doesn't seem so bright normally. The color is more gold than it looks in the pictures.

Donna said...

Cathy, I just love your home. Before I switched over to a cottage decor, I decorated very similar to you. It is so homey and welcoming. It was a very tough decision to abandon that look. I'm so glad I can visit your blog and feel immersed in the coziness of it all! Your tray is beautiful, as are your hutches, artwork, statues, etc.

And I love your kitty and doggy a few posts back, as well as the view of the barn from your craft room. Just BEAUTIFUL!

Thanks for the sweet words about our crazy little Baby! haha... Donna

Donna said...

Cathy, thank you for the last post. It's so funny because I spotted your Sacred Heart statue and meant to mention that! Love it! I got carried away with going on about how I love your general decorating style and then forgot to mention your gorgeous statue!!!... Donna

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Sooooo pretty!
You are so talented and you have lots of animals too!
I love your kitchen photos. I a from SW Pennsylvania and my mother is still there and she has a home full of primitives. She is a tole painter and collects all early American pieces. I grew up on a farm and I can see we have much in common!

Great post. I am going to stay a while and look around. So cozy.
Love your red barn.

A cat in a bowl! Love it!


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