Homemade Yogurt

We eat homemade yogurt just about every day. It is delicious when mixed with granola or just plain fruit. But lately around here it's been smoothies! We eat smoothies every day. Just some yogurt, bananas, some fruit, all blended up, and yum! A yummy drink that's good for you. Our yogurt is primarily made from goat's milk as we milk goats and they are all fresh with milk. But we also make it from cow's milk that we get from the neighbor's dairy farm. So we start with raw milk either way but you can definitely make yogurt with store-bought milk also. I've even read recipes where yogurt was made from powdered milk, although I have never tried that. The milk is first heated to 180 degrees, cooled to 116, and then starter is added (you can use any yogurt with live cultures...we used storebought vanilla yogurt in the beginning...or you can use a yogurt powder that can be purchased online). Then we place ours in a yogurt maker for 12 hours or so. We use this particular yogurt maker because it actually came with our house when we bought it from an elderly man who used to milk Jersey cows here. And it works so why not?
After the time is up it's ready to eat. We add honey and/or fruit if we are eating just the yogurt but most of the time lately it goes right in the blender with the other smoothie ingredients. Yum!

And while I was creating this blog post, the kids made me a smoothie. :-)

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