Butter Lambs!

Holy Week brings lots of busy preparations; shopping, buffing up the house, and most of all, food. The favorite Easter food, as least as far as preparations go, is the butter lamb.

Every year the kids each make their own butter lamb, which will be served with Easter dinner. With the marriage of our oldest son, we didn't decrease the amount of butter lambs on the table, but we increased it by one! It's a lot of butter. Most of them are not eaten with dinner, but instead go into baked good the following week.

The lambs are always made from a single 1 lb. block of butter which is carved into a lamb shape. For guidance, there is at least one plastic lamb on the table for studying (usually a lamb from the Nativity set...sometimes a playmobil sheep, etc.). There are a lot of butter "shavings" after carving, and those go into baked goods for Easter, like the cake or the breads.

The lambs eyes are made from cloves and the mouth is made from rosemary. Sometimes the lambs are wooly, sometimes not.

One lamb wasn't a lamb at all...but instead was named "Butter-Ham".

Happy Easter!

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Donna said...

Cathy, these are amazing!! Oh my gosh, this is the sweetest and most creative idea I think I have ever seen! I wish I had gotten around to visit your blog before Easter. I would have asked to link this post to my blog to share your wonderful idea! ... Donna


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