Bags I've made - Use up that scrap fabric!

I collect a lot of pretty little scrap fabrics. If they are lightweight I save them for quilting projects but if they are heavier, decorator-type fabrics I sometimes make tote bags out of them. I don't really use a pattern, especially with the top red bag, which was pretty much made up by looking at other people's bags.

I always use an outside fabric and a liner fabric with a heavier fabric sandwiched in-between. I quilt these sandwiched pieces with the machine before assembling them. I add pockets and dividers to the inside also. I am frugal (
cheap!) so even though there's an amazing amount of purse handle accessories available for purchase out there, I try to make them with only scraps. I did splurge on the top red bag and bought the gold loop things holding the handle.

The thrill for me is just making something nice out of almost nothing!


Ann-Marie ~ Brambly said...

Your bags are wonderful!The design of the first one is perfect. Such a terrific idea for scrap fabric.Have a wonderful weekend!


Mrs. D said...


You made some beautiful handbags. They're so good, they look "store-bought expensive".

I read your article so fast, I'm going to read it again. Would like to see a photo tutorial of one of your handbag projects. Very nice work!

Mrs. D


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