Welcome to Our Country Bungalow, my brand-new, bouncing baby blog! So glad you're here!

My goal for this blog is to feature many of the things that we are doing here at home on our little farm. I read lots of blogs and as I read through them, I am often saying to myself "I've done that" or "I've made those" or "we've raised animals like those". I am hoping, with this blog, that I will show a little bit about how our farm works and how some creative or artistic ideas that we come up with are put into practice. Whether it's farm life, housekeeping, cooking from scratch, decorating on a thin budget, or just trying to create a little beauty and order here and there, I am hoping that this blog will give me a place to showcase some of our best work. And perhaps, along the way, I can improve my own photography skills and learn, at long last, to maybe get a few before pictures when starting a project? Instead of the usual work-really-hard-and-take-pictures-after and then tell those who see the finished product that it "used to look a lot different".

Before and after photos. Yes, that would be great.

Of course, I will be featuring lots of the lovely things that inspire me too. There's plenty of cuteness out there!

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