The new Country Sampler

I got the latest issue of Country Sampler in the mail yesterday. I subscribe to it because it is one of the last magazines that features styles that I can identify with. I like the homes that use colorful and vintage pieces to make an original look. I like homes that reflect the owners taste and style. Too many homes out there look like an Art Van showroom and all individualism is lost.

I don't really go for the exceptionally primitive styles though; the ones where it truly does look like Davey Crockett's cabin. Those don't grab me. I admire the effort on the part of the decorator, but I personally want more cushion that that. I want soft, upholstered furniture that I can stretch out on. I like framed family photos and they don't really fit the primitive "pre-photography" look. I do like painted furniture. I like this pie safe. I like the idea of the outdoor room look. The porches or pergolas that are decked out with soft furnishings like the one below, (although this particular look is much more pink than I would ever be...I'm almost never pink), but I always wonder when I see these if they haul it all back inside on every windy or stormy day?
My farm and garden are just too windy. And my farm dogs would totally lay on the settee while I went to town. But for the photo at least, it's quite charming.

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