Another reason to love my little serger

Ok, so I make my bed every day. I know, lots of people don't, but I do. I am one of those start-at-one-side-and-then-go-back-and-forth-until-it-is-perfectly-even kind of people. Ask anyone who knows me; I have bed-O.C.D.

I have these soft cotton blankets that are queen-sized but they drive me nuts because no matter what I do they were too wide and hung lower than the comforter. Grrrr...

So in making up the bed fresh yesterday I grabbed the annoying blanket and ran it through the serger. The serger trims as it goes so I didn't cut it first. (For those of you who like measuring to get perfectly straight cuts, you may want to look away...)

A decent little serged edge. Good enough.

The quickie fix took me less than 5 minutes. Problem solved!

(except for my wrinkled bedskirt....grrr)


Pat said...

Thumbs up for this fix. I just keep tucking the blanket under the mattress every morning. Thanks for sharing.

Ann-Marie ~ Brambly said...

Thank you for visiting Brambly and following along. Your blog is really charming and your country life looks idyllic to me. I am in love with you goats! Take care.


Our Country Bungalow said...

Thanks for your comments!

It's funny how something can bug you and then poof! you discover a fix that only takes a couple of minutes.


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