Bohemian Quilt

Last week my daughter was getting ready for a big move.  She was due to leave Friday and the weekend before I decided I should make her a simple quilt in the bright bohemian colors that she loves.  I had 5 days to do it.  Did I make it?  Why yes, I did.

The key was to make it with big squares that would be fast to put together.  I also thought big squares would let some of the bold fabric patterns show nicely.

I decided to add a little bit of machine embroidery too.  I actually used some snowflake designs that I had.  I just used bright colors.

I decided to quilt the quilt in a random style.  I just practiced several different quilting styles that I like doing.  No straight lines; no time for that, ruler work would have gone much too slow!

While trying to take pictures of the quilt (on the morning of the move, while my daughter was putting the last of her things in her car), my little dog Albert was extremely nosy and wanted to inspect every arrangement of the quilt.

It was hard to get a clear picture because he kept moving the porch swing!

But I told he needed to cut that out because I was in a hurry.  So he did.  He was sorry.

Finished!  Just in time!

Colorful Quilt!

My most recent quilt that I quilted for Marilyn is this bright and beautiful quilt by designer Kay Sorenson.

So cheerful!

Marilyn did an excellent job of sewing together the quilt top.  Matching all of those seams could not have been easy.

I wanted to quilt it in a way that would not compete with the design.  I wanted to enhance the strips coming together at the points.

I tested some mono-poly thread for this quilt, but didn't really like it so instead I went with Superior's So Fine.  I did not change colors, I just chose a thread that went with the speckles in the fabric all across the quilt.

I love the way it turned out.

Boy Quilts

I finished a couple of bright and bold quilts for kids.  The quilt tops were designed and made by Marsha for her grandsons.  She chose Minky for the back for extra softness.

It's amazing how these lightweight quilt tops become these cozy and substantial blankets after sandwiching the top, batting, and velvety backing together with some custom quilting!

The animal print fabric was a challenge to quilt because I wanted to preserve the animal faces featured throughout the fabric.

The bright ocean quilt was the same pattern as the animal print quilt with BOLD colors that were actually kind of hard to photograph.

I went for a feeling of water with the quilting.

Both turned out great and hopefully Marsha's grandson's will love them.

Mid February Already

It's been a couple of weeks since the beginning of February and the sewing machines have been kept busy.  My latest project is another scrappy half square triangle quilt made primarily with the Collections for a Cause collection by Howard Marcus for Moda.  I never seem to grow weary of scrappy HST quilts.

I made this quilt smaller;  it's throw sized instead of bed sized because I wanted it for cozying up with in the living room by the fire.  I used flannel for the back and it's been just right.

For the all-over quilting I used Superior's Omni thread in Creek Bed as I practiced my swirls and pebbles.  I am pleased with the results.

Quilted in time for Christmas

I recently finished quilting a large John Deere themed quilt on the longarm for a customer. I just love how it turned out.

I was given permission from Sharon the quilt maker to choose whatever I wanted to quilt on this piece.  I knew I wanted to do a custom quilting job that would accent each block and the border separately.  I could have done an edge-to-edge simplified quilting job, but I wouldn't have had the opportunity to practice different quilting motifs if I had done it that way.

This quilt also offered the challenge of finding quilting themes that were more suited for a guy, rather than the feathers and hearts and flowers that I have been perfecting on other quilts.  I ended up doing some stipling, some curves and a lot of pebbling, and I imagined building rock walls while quilting.

The quilt back.

I was so happy to get this large project done fairly quickly and the quilter was thrilled with the job!  It will be a Christmas gift for her son.

Christmas is Coming

At last, the tree is up in the dining room.  I hope you're all enjoying your holiday season.

Kids will be coming home from college soon, decorating will hopefully be finished, cooking and baking will commence, and I have three quilts to finish before Christmas.  Busy times!

Cozy Afternoon Quilting

I am working on a couple of Christmas quilts.  This adorable gift box pattern is free and available st Red Rooster Quilts.

This cold and snowy November is the perfect weather for it.  Playing my favorite holiday music on my Christmas Pandora station, some cozy lighting, and the snow falling outside of my window is keeping me right on track.

The November Quilt is Finished

I am happy to share that my November quilt is finished and only 10 days after my goal of November 1st.  I wanted the warm colors on our bed before winter set in.

I had this quilt and the colors swimming around in my head for a few months and in fact, when we moved our rooms around in September and repainted and carpeted the new master bedroom, I chose a wall color and carpet color based on this quilt that wasn't even started yet!

I wasn't really going to knock myself out with the piecing on this one; I just wanted a simple, old fashioned quilt in cozy colors and something to practice my quilting on.

I've put feathers on everything for the past couple of weeks.  I love feathers.

The goats gave me a perplexed look while I photographed the quilt on their fence this afternoon.

On to the Christmas stitching!

Tuesday Morning Quilting

I finished a quilt on Sunday and got it all loaded on the frame.

Now on to the fun part.

I'm very new at longarming, and it has been a challenge to relearn how to quilt by moving the machine instead of the quilt, but I really love it.  It's like drawing with thread!

The Scrappy Quilt and Albert

I finished a scrappy blue quilt a couple of weeks ago.  I barely got a chance to lay it out and look it over before somebody decided to try and claim it for themselves.

I practiced a few new quilting stitches.  It's funny how in the middle of the quilting you can feel like you're just making a mess of things but in the end you finish and you don't really see the flaws too much anymore.

Order Makes Me Happy

I have most of my cotton quilting fabric folded on comic book boards now.  I love this system so much!  It is so easy to grab a fabric choice, cut a bit, and put it back.

I am no longer having to fold and refold and re-stack fabric.  Whoever thought of this idea for storage is a hero of mine.  I love my little cotton library.

Now I need to come up with a cute storage/display idea for fat quarters.  Hmm...

Catching Up and Some Completed Quilts

At long last, Hello again...

I have been busy with so many things around the house this year that blogging has been set aside for a long time.  Lots of changes in our household in recent months; more kids leaving for college....more room rearranging.

I have finished my quilt for the RV.  I did the free-motion quilting with my domestic sewing machine.  My favorite part of the quilting process is the quilting itself.

Here it is, ready for binding.

All finished!

All ready for travel...

I also finished a quilt for my godchild, Katherine.  I had help from Albert.  It was a few months ago when Albert was still a puppy.  I used the Singer Featherweight to make most of it.

About to do the binding....

He didn't want to give it up!
I have lots of projects that I'm currently working some new developments in my sewing world which I will share soon.

Be back shortly~

A Victorian Style Motto Embroidery

This week I decided to tackle a design with a large amount of stitches.  I started out making the two flowers into one design and stitching them out.  Then, although pretty , it looked it needed something.  I looked up on my wall and spied my antique frame and it came to me...I would create a Victorian style motto and use that frame.  Since the finished embroidery was made with the master bedroom colors in mind, I chose a phrase that would be suitable for a bedroom.

I think I'll make another one of these soon for another location in the house.  Or maybe for a gift...hmm...

I Love Banners

I finished a cute little banner for a friend's baby yesterday.

I love banners.  Such a fun way to use up small pieces of fabric.

Those letters were a lot of stitches!  I'm grateful he has a short name. ;-)

Late Winter....

Winter feels like it's dragging on and on.  I suppose it isn't really, since it's normal to see snow around here in late February/early March.  I think it just feels long because there has been so much snow this year. 

Just. So. Much. Snow.

I wonder when we last saw the uncovered ground?

Albert is growing and has taken to climbing up to the back of the couch and looking out of the window.  He is too little to ever know what warm weather is like and yet he seems to be asking when it will be Spring.

He goes outside a several short times each day but doesn't venture past the big snow banks surrounding the house.  I suppose I should be grateful for this long deep-snow winter since he seems to be a brave little guy and I know the great outdoors and all of its hazards will be something he will be eager to explore as soon as he can.  It will be much different having him here on our farm compared to our independent, low-maintenance big dogs.  I will have my work cut out for me.


I embroidered a little bit a week or so ago and made a pillow to replace my Let It Snow pillow I had had on display.  I thought a nice floral design would do the trick.

It did do the trick of brightening up the sofa but it didn't seem to have any effect at all on the weather.

Huh.  Imagine that.

Today I am stitching up a little St. Patrick's Day decoration. 

I'll post a photo later if it turns out nice.

Stitching Project for Today

Today's quiet afternoon project is a monogrammed pillow for the living room.

I have monogrammed all kinds of things.  Embroidered, appliqued, name it.

I think I will make another pillow, or maybe a slipcover, for the existing "Let It Snow" pillow on the left.  I think we may have had enough snow now.

I think.

And as always, there are new puppy pictures every day.

Albert loves to snuggle with Elsa.  I don't blame him, she is super soft.  Bunny soft.  And warm.


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